Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Car - Ford Figo

The new Figo, Ford’s second attempt at launching hatch, will be rolled out from the Ford’s manufacturing plant in Chennai beginning 2010, and will also be exported to other Asian markets. The Figo is said to have been developed on a new platform. 

The exterior of the car is very reminiscent of a few of Ford’s models currently in the market. The overall design lines are still very Ford like and very European, though there are clearly indicators that the company has attempted to give it a touch of the Orient. The kink in the wraparound headlamps and the oversized airdam are features that are popular in Asian cars.

At the same time, the Figo’s headlamp design also seems to have drawn inspiration from the Ford Ka, an ultra-compact hatch that is popular in Europe. The flared wheel arches and the whole side profile of the Figo also seem to resemble the previous generation Ford Fiesta hatchback. The platform on which the Figo has been built is also likely to be used for developing a family of similar products said company officials.

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